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Progress is being made with the project. Most buttons now work and turn on and turn off. Each sound (10 in total) has an animation. I think I’m most excited for our surprise button. I’m starting to feel more comfortable with Flash and realize action script can be tricky, especially if a semicolon or period is forgotten.


Problems. While figuring out how we want this project to turn out, staying as true as we can to what beat boxing is, we’ve run into complications. When we recorded sounds, we recorded over a hundred samples, but not all of them are beat boxing sounds. Some are mechanical sounding or an object hitting a surface. Some are short and some are longer. The largest complication is that since we want the sounds to be able to overlap and make a song of sorts, we need to know how to put these in Flash. It’s like choreographing a dance except with sound. 

We had edited sounds, but in my head I keep thinking there has to be a base song/sound that hold the piece together, but we also need to have singular sounds. That is perhaps the biggest hurdle for me because I keep making more and more samples and songs, but then realize that they all might not go together when overlapped. 

What’s happening now?

We have drawn characters that are associated to a sound and will be animated according to the sound. We decided it is probably easier to have an environment worked out with characters coming in and out or moving across the stage. We just need to now import these images and sounds and choreograph them to each other.

This beat boxing incredibox was influential in how Leah and I decided to create the flash project. Check it out here:

We initially wanted to create a combination program where it included beat boxing with the game Pong. Realizing some complications, the idea changed a couple of times. We were thinking of including video that bounced off of walls, that would have a Jezzball effect.

The main part of our flash project will consist of an area of icons that a user can click to activate and unclick to deactivate the sound that has an animation projected onto the stage area. Leah and I are aiming to have ten different sounds such as beatboxing, zipping, and clapping. Those main areas are going to have subcategories of variations and their own mini animation.

Initially I wanted to photograph everything, but then I realized I do not have a program like Frame Thief (which has onioning/kind of like a ghosting effect to see the previous frame overlapped with the current frame) to make the movement look legit (at least enough for me). I scanned in the character image I drew on a yellow textured paper and put it in After Effects and kind of loved how the texture of the paper is visible and the resolution>resolution on a camera. The beat throughout the song was something I wanted to utilize. It dictated how I moved the character and how other things appeared. The girl spinning is most likely going to change. It looks a bit corny for me and doesn’t quite make sense. I just threw that in there to see what it would look like. I’m going to try and add more movement to the girl as well. Maybe a robot/still frame movement that incorporates different perspectives. This way of working is a lot more time consuming (I knew it would be) because I need to draw and cut out everything, scan it, convert it to a psd in photoshop and then compile it in AE.

The background will be similar to these colors and dripping look. I’m planning on using the song Line by Line by the artist Ms. John Soda.

This is going to be the character I use as the main narration. The camera is going to move around and the water drip drops from her sleeve. Inside each water droplet are fish and in time the room will be fill of fish. Somehow working with camera and angles, the girl will fall onto the background of fish that eventually scatter. The girl will fall and shatter to pieces of mirrors perhaps. Hands are going to be coming out of each piece and then the girl either pulls someone up or gets pulled down. Some of this might change when I actually get this started, but that’s the gist of my storyline.